Cross-Border eCommerce:

Insights for Effective Global Expansion

Cross-border eCommerce sales are set to reach $627 billion by 2022. Tapping into this order segment is essential for North American retailers looking to maximize their revenue. But to do this effectively, merchants must understand how shopping behavior differs across geographies. Our infographic visualizes some insights and tips from Riskified’s guide for North American merchants seeking to expand overseas.

Know Where The Opportunity Lays

eCommerce sales worldwide are projected to continue growing in 2018. Most of this growth will occur outside of North America.

2018 eCommerce growth projection (%)
Source: eMarketer Worldwide Forecast through 2019

Know Where Online Shopping is Popular

Understanding online shopping rates can assist merchants in determining which regions to target. 

% of consumers who shop online
Source: Statista, 2018:
Percentage of mobile orders (%)

Some Markets Are More Mobile Savvy

Mobile eCommerce is surging, especially in developing economies where people are gaining access to the Internet by way of mobile phones. When expanding into a mobile-savvy country make sure your site is optimized, and that your fraud process is adapted to vet orders from this channel.

Global Orders
Will Make Your Holidays Happier

On Black Friday 2017, our North American merchants saw huge volume spikes from customers from these regions (compared to an average week.)

Spike in holiday order volume

Refresh Your Fraud Review Schedule

Higher fraud rates occur during the early morning hours. This may be because fraudsters assume they can catch businesses ‘off guard’. Local merchants are used to major volume during office hours, and fraud in the small hours of the night. Global expansion changes everything - you need to be alert for volumes 24/7, and base any hour-specific insights on where the order was made.

Document Your Shopping Trends

Our list of safe shipping countries may look different than yours. Tracking your own performance is critical to gauging important shopping trends that are unique to your industry and geography.

Safest shipping countries by shipping addresses:
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